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Why Teenagers Avoid Sharing Suicidal Thoughts with Their Parents

It has been observed that most of the teenagers never share their concerns with their parents and particularly if they carry any suicidal tendency they will never tell their parents about it. They feel that their parents will be too much saddened by hearing such things. It is quite natural for parents to feel sad if they learn that their off springs are planning to end their life. They should understand on the contrary that parents are most important one with whom they must express their concern.

According to various suicide books following are few reasons why teens usually avoid their parents while they nurse the thought of committing suicide.

  1. Parents usually avoid listening to their child, but try to impose their thoughts on them and they do not give any assurance and encouragement. When parents tell their child that they do not have any big reason to think about suicide they get annoyed.
  2. Some parents become extremely sad and behave irrationally that the child has to console them and children fail to express their real problem.
  3. In many cases parents become too angry after hearing that their child is thinking about committing suicide. In such condition it becomes very difficult to communicate with them.
  4. Some parents try to blackmail their children emotionally by telling how they can do such thing when they love them so much.
  5. Many parents do not appreciate that suicidal tendency is a kind of behavioral problem, which is very much like depression. They end up blaming their child for everything instead of consulting any child psychologist.
  6. Some parents simply do not bother about it and think that their child must be kidding. On the contrary they should take their child seriously and try to console them or take them to a hospital for consultation.
  7. Some parents do exactly opposite of the above. They immediately rush them to some mental hospital instead of listening to them and understand their real problem.
  8. Some parents think that their child is under the influence of some movie or novel and think these are transitory thoughts, which will go away sooner or later. They do not think that the matter needs any serious attention.
  9. Some parents become too nervous and they keep on repeating the same question many times in a day which becomes quite irritating.
  10. Overprotective parents will try to keep their children always within their sight and thus their privacy will be lost.
Are you a bundle of nerves due to overweight?

We bring good news for those who are a bundle of nerves due to overweight so that this issue can turn into a matter of the past as if they were never ever obese. Yes, the name of the product is MIC injections that really work and leave no adverse side effects as you might have heard or faced during the use other anti-obesity drugs.

The fact is that most weight loss products in the country are fake and therefore, they fail to describe how they work in actual fact. As MIC injection is not a fake product, therefore, how these injections can work is a piece of work to understand, and thus help obese people lose their excessive weight.

In the first place, it is a quite genuine product manufactured in the light of latest technological development as part of clinical science. It is the abbreviation of Methionine Inositol Choline, which effectively burns the excessively accumulated body fat without any adverse side effects.

We believe we’d better call a spade a spade instead of boasting a lot in terms of ‘great boast, little roast’. MIC injections can produce outstanding results but during the treatment, you need to take the prescribed diet and some gentle form of exercise as well. If you can’t do this, these injections are of little account for you.

MIC injection is based on the formula as an admixture of several lipo-tropics which work by mobilizing fat patches and fat cells already found inside the body. This function can come in a broad spectrum term while these injections are some sorts of amino acids to improve the liver function to help metabolize in fat cells burning process. For a detailed description, please visit


Pollution is everywhere, even inside your own head as well

The water, air, and soil are full of different type of toxic chemicals designed by our modern life. Fertilizers, pesticides, and drugs, not to mention a huge number of untested chemical additives fill and keep filling food supply of ours. Airwaves are full of electromagnetic radiation of different types which scrambles life-force energy. Daily billions of individual shoot electromagnetic waves into their very own courtesy of a cell phone, or even worse case a wireless headset. Visit if you wish to know more about how to use energy medicine in your favor.

  • Modern medicine is not your friend either

Antibiotics and numerous other medications can be lifesavers as well. Unfortunately, a huge number of individuals are getting affected every year different problems that are related to prescription medications. Energy medicine can be a helpful adjunct that enhances the action of numerous other modalities and can speed the recovery and healing process.