The universal liquid of the planet “Earth”  

Without any doubt and confusion, the liquids are a dime a dozen all over but the liquid which is found everywhere in everything is none other than water.

Aquatic creatures

The 71% of earth surface is covered with water. The rest of the world is 29% where all the living things live over and above fish and other aquatic creatures such as hippopotamus and more.

Ideal water for drinking

Water abstraction sources are three including rivers, lakes, and oceans. Sea water is not able to be drunk. The river water is an ideal water to drink but it also contains a lot of impurities that need to be purified.

Our existence on this planet is on account of water. If there’s no water, there will be no signs of life. On this account, you can see that there are no signs of life on other planets just because there’s no water over there.

We have to live in this world only because here we have water which is life. So far, you’ve learned the sources of water and the percent it covers the land area.


Let’s go ahead. Have you heard the word precipitation before? It is another name of water. You might wonder but the fact is fact. Precipitation is such water that falls down on the surface of the earth from the sky and the clouds. In other words, or in most simple words; it is simply rainwater.

Drinking water

The topic of drinking water is still not under discussion. This short piece of writing is all about taking you to the water track. Hence, in order to get more information about water, please click here right off. Water is extremely vital for life, that’ about all. Click here and learn interesting facts about water.