February 2017

Pollution is everywhere, even inside your own head as well

The water, air, and soil are full of different type of toxic chemicals designed by our modern life. Fertilizers, pesticides, and drugs, not to mention a huge number of untested chemical additives fill and keep filling food supply of ours. Airwaves are full of electromagnetic radiation of different types which scrambles life-force energy. Daily billions of individual shoot electromagnetic waves into their very own courtesy of a cell phone, or even worse case a wireless headset. Visit thefourwinds.com if you wish to know more about how to use energy medicine in your favor.

  • Modern medicine is not your friend either

Antibiotics and numerous other medications can be lifesavers as well. Unfortunately, a huge number of individuals are getting affected every year different problems that are related to prescription medications. Energy medicine can be a helpful adjunct that enhances the action of numerous other modalities and can speed the recovery and healing process.


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